Interface SyslogServerSessionlessEventHandlerIF

All Superinterfaces:, SyslogServerEventHandlerIF

public interface SyslogServerSessionlessEventHandlerIF
extends SyslogServerEventHandlerIF

SyslogServerEventHandlerIF provides an extensible interface for Syslog4j server event handlers.

Syslog4j is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License v2.1. A copy of the LGPL license is available in the META-INF folder in all distributions of Syslog4j and in the base directory of the "doc" ZIP.

$Id:,v 1.1 2010/11/12 02:56:44 cvs Exp $

Method Summary
 void event(SyslogServerIF syslogServer, socketAddress, SyslogServerEventIF event)
 void exception(SyslogServerIF syslogServer, socketAddress, java.lang.Exception exception)
Methods inherited from interface
destroy, initialize

Method Detail


void event(SyslogServerIF syslogServer,
           SyslogServerEventIF event)


void exception(SyslogServerIF syslogServer,
               java.lang.Exception exception)